Scouts and Guides

A well organized scout troop and guide company function in our School which in turn make our students better disciplinarians and loyal citizens.

Games & Sports

To enable the students to take part in various games and sport activities, intensive coaching camps are organized during the vacation and on holidays.

School Magazine

To promote the literary talents of our young students a multi-colour, magazine named “Celestial” is published on a regular basis.

Personality Development Program
A planned concerted effort is made to develop the personality competence, confidence and ability of our students, a quarterly personality Development program has been arranged. The program aims at all round development, besides making them fit to face the challenges of life. This intensive coaching program has been organized by the school to enable our students to reach the zenith of success. Eminent personalities handle the classes well. Students also get endless opportunities in the form of Projects, quiz, Information, Debates, Elocution, Extempore Speech, Poem Recitation, Dramas, Music and Dance.

Our Success Mantra : Confidence, Passion and Knowledge

Entrance Coaching
We are giving intense training for competitive examination including Medical and Engineering entrance exams.

Child Centered EducationThe School aims at the all round development- mental, physical, intellectual and spiritual development of its pupils and hence child centered education is imparted to the pupils. Our school imbibes education through quality teaching.


We have full fledged laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany . They are equipped with all the apparatus and materials for conducting practical Sessions.


The language Lab is equipped with the most sophisticated eletronic - gradgets to make the study of the English language easy and enjoyable . It aims at perfecting the childrens pronounciation and accent.

Music and Dance

Music and dance classes are arranged regularly to develop their hidden talents in music, dance and other cultural activities.

Yoga & Karate

Yoga and Karate classes meant for students aim at better discipline and health students. Training in swimming is given to make students physically and mentally fit.


Buses ply to almost all nearby towns and villages to facilitate smooth transport facility to all our students.


   Special coaching for weak students