Nirmal jyothi school chairman

Chairman Message


Nirmal Jyothi Public School is a CBSE School, Mallappally in Nirmal Jyothi Knowledge City is international standard institution fostering Indian culture, idea and an ideal. It is a dream for us to realize. We intend to evolve a very unique syllabus which would draw 'Best from the West, more from the East, and learning to be a feast'. We are keen to make this institution a center of academic excellence Nirmal Jyothi is an idea and an ideal. It is a dream for us to realize. It would be a place for learning and intellectual advancement, a fountain head of new ideas and a center to foster the community spirit. Nirmal Jyothi aims to nurture in the present and future generations, a deep respect and love for our cultural heritage and the natural environment. And to this end, we are not merely going to have a garden around the school but a school that houses a community center and is set in a natural environment created by the children.
Dr. Gopal K. Nair, Chairman

Nirmal jyothi vice chairman

Vice Chairman Message

As the Vice Chairman of Nirmal Jyothi Public School, it is indeed a great privilege and a unique opportunity for me to communicate to you through this medium.
The primary objective of education is to promote literacy, but at the same time it should help mould personalities. It is the aim of the Nirmal Jyothi team to impart "value-laden, outcome-based learning" to equip young impressionable minds to fulfill their dreams while being considerate to their fellow human being. In order to achieve this, we will draw
upon the best educational practices world-wide and create conditions for the children to imbibe traditional Indian values. State-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with highly qualified and well-trained teachers will ensure that the students at TIS will be able to attain an enriching experience.

It has been my quest in life to make high quality education available, accessible, and most importantly affordable to the vast majority of the Indian population in rural areas. The outcome that we envision will be a group of young individuals that will be healthy of mind and body, well-learned, well equipped, and poised to create and take advantage of opportunities that will enable them to be in the vanguard of the next generation. This is extremely important especially in the context of the significant role that India is poised to play in a changing world order. Nirmal Jyothi Public School will serve as the proving ground for a new generation of leaders and visionaries that will blaze a trail in the next several years!!
: - Mr. Jaymohan Pillai
Vice Chairman